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Anti-Inaugural Lecture with Raewyn Connell

Raewyn - game changer

All are welcome to attend a public lecture and conference on the occasion of the retirement of University of Sydney Chair, Professor Raewyn Connell.

Raewyn work over the past 40 years has been an enduring dedication to making social science relevant to struggles for social justice and a liveable future for human society. These are free events dedicated to Raewyn’s contribution to intellectual and political life, hosted by the University of Sydney, Faculty of Education and Social Work.

PUBLIC LECTURE: The Knowledge Industry and Counter-power: subversive futures for intellectual workers in neoliberal Australia

5-6.30pm Friday 5th September 
Great Hall, Quadrangle, USyd

CONFERENCE: Counter hegemonies, intellectual work, and social justice in changed times

9-5pm Saturday 6th September
Rm 101, New Law School Building, USyd


Raewyn’s anti-inaugural lecture will discuss the relationship between intellectuals and power. This is a free event. Please RSVP through the University of Sydney website:

The Saturday conference will include some great keynotes on Raewyn’s work, and it will be collaborative. Raewyn’s colleagues and students will convene discussions about struggles in four arenas: Education; Class relations; Gender relations; and Intellectual labour. This is also a free event. Please RSVP through the University of Sydney website:,-intellectual-work-and-social-justice-in-changed-times.

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