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Here are some links to groups and individuals who are involved in various aspects of economic sociology.

These links are provided for information only we’ve organised them under the following headings academic; economics; economic anthropology; economic sociology; environment; gender; health; human rights; international development; poverty; social policy; some of our favourite theorists; tax; technology; work.


Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. This site has a searchable database of its fellows, which lists contact details, brief bio and research interests. The database is searchable by key word, name or discipline.

Listing of sociology departments in Australia and New Zealand

ISA’s Universities in Crisis website


American Economic Association

Archive for the history of economic thought

Australian Parliamentary Library research papers and link pages

Canadian Women Economists Network Home Page

Center for Popular Economics

Core economics – commentary on economics, strategy and more. This blog is authored by Professor Joshua Gans and is devoted to discussions of economics, strategy, occasional parenting and his own pop culture tastes.

CSWEP (Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession)

Debunking economics the website for Steve Keen’s book of teh same name. Lots of links and information. Also see his blog.

EconTalk economics podcasts for daily life Includes interviews with Viviana Zelizer, Gary Becker and other such luminaries on a wide range of topics.

Economics Education Resource Guide


International Association for Feminist Economists

Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research

Resources for Economists on the Internet

The Ultimate Field Guide to the U.S. Economy/Econ-Atrocity

University of Melbourne – economics department

World wide web resources in economics

Economic anthropology

Society for Economic Anthropology SEA has a wiki and a list serve and a newsletter

Economic sociology

American Sociological Association, Section on Economic Sociology. Also see their ‘Accounts’ newsletter

Center for Economic Sociology. This is a Russian based site available in Russian and English. It has some useful resources and links.

Economic Sociology (Cornell University)

European Sociological Association

Economic sociolgy online resources

Economic Sociology Research Network

International Economic Sociology and Organization Studies (University of Pennsylvania)

International Sociological Association (ISA)

The ISA is now on facebook as International Sociological Association (ISA) . ‘We will be updating this page regularly, so tune in, send in your comments, watch the latest videos from Global Sociology, Live!, read the latest Global Dialogue, or the latest entry on the blog Universities in Crisis. Keep up with journals, conferences, E-Bulletin, and announcements. Click on the “like” icon and you’ll receive immediate notifications of happenings at the ISA, across the world. Send in your own contributions. Sociology is on the move!’ (from ISA)

Research Committee on Economy and Society (ISA)

New Institutionalism

Social Studies of Finance

The Center for the Study of Economy and Society (CSES)

The Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics

For more links go to the links page on the TASA website


Australian Socio-Economics and the Environment in Discussion (SEED) working paper series

CSIRO Sustainability Network

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR)

Corporate Responsibility Index

International Sustainable Development Gateway


Feminist Majority On-line

Feminist Political Economy podcasts – videos with feminist economists!

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

National Council for Research on Women (US)

Social Sciences Feminist Network

Women’s Electoral Lobby

Women in Economic and Social Research (WiSER)


Australian Health Economics Society Inc. Site includes extensive links to health economics resources

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Human rights

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

International development

Australian Government AusAID

International United Nations Development Programme

Improvement and Development Agency

International UNESCO Social and Human Sciences


The Brotherhood of St Laurence’s research and policy unit has some excellent papers and presentations on different aspects of poverty and inequality in Australia.

Social policy

Institute for Social Research

Australian Policy on Line

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Social Atlas

Australian Council of Social Service

Brotherhood of St Laurence

Community Problem Solving

Some of our favourite theorists

Bourdieu, Pierre.

Here is a fabulous documentary ‘Sociology is a Martial Art -Pierre Bourdieu’ that has been uploaded to youtube in parts. Here is part one -enjoy!

Durkheim, Emile

Fligstein, Neil.

Granovetter, Mark

Simmel, Georg

Weber, Max

Powell, Walter (Woody)

Zelizer, Viviana

Add to our list! 


TaxWatch includes a section devoted to the Community Tax Forum, on which you will find the papers prepared by TaxWatch for the two National Tax reform Symposiums.


American Association for the Advancement of Science

Centre for Emerging Technologies and Society

European Association for the Study of Science and Technology

4S – Society for the Social Study of Science


Australian Council of Trade Unions

Barbara Pocock, Director of the Centre for Work + Life at the University of South Australia. Her site has links to reports on work and care issues.