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Raewyn Connell Anti-Inaugural – The Knowledge Industry and Counter-Power

On 5 September 2014 Raewyn Connell gave her official Last Lecture, or anti-inaugural, in the Great Hall at the University of Sydney.  The event, titled “The Knowledge Industry and Counter-Power: Subversive Futures for Intellectual Workers”, was jointly run by the Faculty of Education & Social Work and Sydney Ideas. It was attended by about 450 people.

Raewyn writes on her blog:

The video was splendidly produced, recorded and edited by Fabio Cavadini and Amanda King. My thanks also to: Rebecca Pearse for guidance and materials; Sue Goodwin and Michael Thomson for introducing and chairing the proceedings; the Faculty of Education & Social Work, and Sydney Ideas, for organizing the event; Fran Waugh, Meredith Hall and Jane Harvey for the idea, and making it happen; and Kylie Benton-Connell for the memorable conclusion.

Raewyn Connell Blog Photo

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