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So what is the Sociology of Economic Life thematic group?

TASA’s Sociology of Economic Life thematic group has a new digital home! This year we decided to incorporate our standalone thematic group website in to the revamped TASA site, to better integrate the group and its activities in to the association. So, welcome! We hope you have time to look around the resources we have collected here and find them useful. We greatly appreciate the skilled assistance of Sally Daly in facilitating this transition for us.

The Sociology of Economic Life thematic group was established in 2005, and aims to facilitate and support research and collaboration in the field of economic sociology. The group’s past conveners have been Michael Gilding (founding convener), Malcolm Alexander (founding convener), Dina Bowman, Peta Freestone, Lee Glezos and Ben Spies-Butcher – economic sociologists working both in the academy and the wider community.  The current conveners are Elizabeth Humphrys (Sydney) and Tom Barnes (ACU).

The research topics pursued by members of the thematic group underscore the importance of their work in the contemporary period, and the necessity of building the field nationally. Members research includes: studies of climate change; the financialisation of everyday life; studies of new work and employment, ‘precarity’ and insecurity; child-care and the political economy of households, families and care-giving; inequality and workfare targeting of indigenous Australians; and, a renewed focus on disability in the context of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). In addition, there is ongoing interest in urban marginality, affordable housing, urban space and cities, state theory and state formation, and, in the context of our region, socio-economic links between Australia and the rising powers of the Asia-Pacific. Economic sociologists in the thematic group also work in government, for NGOs and for community sector organisations.

This year will involve stock taking of the state of economic sociology in Australia, and reinvigorating the group through a number of activities and initiatives. The new website and blog should better integrate us in to TASA, allowing for members outside the thematic group to hear about our work. We also want group members to promote and discuss their work on the new blog, whether it is to announce their publications or to take up issues of concern in national debates. In July we are holding a roundtable forum on the future of economic sociology in Australia – looking at the current state of the field and fault lines for future research. In November, we will facilitate a number of interesting panels and a plenary at the annual TASA conference. We are particularly excited about this year’s conference in Cairns, given the relevance to the Neoliberalism and contemporary challenges for the Asia-Pacific theme to the work of members of the groupWe hope to hear from you and see you at these events.

You can keep in touch with the activities of the group through the TASA newsletter, the website, and on Twitter – TASA @AustSoc / Elizabeth Humphrys @liz_beths / Tom Barnes @drtombarnes.

Thanks for dropping by to meet us!

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